We live in an era of rapidly advancing technology changes the landscape each and every industry . Web design industry and and web technology companies needs to be innovative and adapt these newer and better technologies to stay relevant.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

web-design-trends-google-vr-sr-lankaAlready in to mid 2017, we are witnessing how VR and 360º videos captivating audience and immersing them on unique experiences by delivery of information like never before. Technologies like VR gives web designers more possibilities to reach their target audience bridging the gap between the reality and the virtual world.

The huge investments made by internet giants like Facebook and Google proves how important these innovative technologies going to be in the future.

While Google continues to invest in VR, its real goal is AR – report

Facebook plans to invest more than $3 billion in VR over the next decade

Google, Facebook, and other tech titans team up for VR


pinterest_card_layputCard design and grid layouts

Popularized by Pinterest, card designs are catching up fast, for their clean and clear information presentation.


AI-powered chat bots and help desks

Even thou little a chat bot has to do with website design, it is revolutionizing how businesses communicate with their customers. Automating support services with the help of intelligent chat bots not only going to cut costs for the business but also improve the control and increase the service speed.

ChatFuel  : Build a Facebook bot without coding


MobileMonkey  – With Mobile Monkey, you can build a chatbot for Facebook Messenger in minutes with no coding required

High Quality Authentic Photography

The stock photos have become a taboo now. Using a stock photo on a website is now makes the visitors think you are not genuine. Business owners are now focusing on taking their own original photographs or use many new authentic photo websites.

http://deathtothestockphoto.com/  is such a great website where it promotes artistic photography over artificial stock photography . It emails you free to use high quality artistic photography and you can get the premium version where they allow you to download on demand starting from $15/month.

General Purpose Web Templates with Many Built in Websites

More and more CMS templates like wordpress themes are coming with ready made websites where the website owner just can find a related web layout to his business already filled with data. These demos are crafted in a way that after few rounds of content updates, the site can go live. This rapid development model continues to catch phase since 2014 and does not look its going to slow down any sooner.

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