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myPOS to Magento 2 Integration – ERP System or POS System to Ecommerce Website Integration

We have a solution to integrate your Magento 2 or other website with your ERP system or POS system for easier stock and price management across platforms.

The solution can synchronize the website with your in-house database system in a pre-defined time interval or in real-time.

At each run, a complete report is provided, and using a dashboard you can monitor the synchronization process.

Contact us today to integrate your eCommerce website with your in-house ERP system or POS system.

Benefits of Integrating myPOS with your eCommerce website

Integration allows for real-time inventory updates, ensuring that the website always reflects the accurate stock levels of products.

 Integrating the POS or ERP system with the website enables automatic order processing and tracking, saving time and reducing errors.

With integration, product prices and discounts can be automatically updated across all platforms, ensuring consistency and accuracy.

 Integration allows for real-time updates of product availability and shipping information, providing customers with up-to-date information and improving the overall shopping experience.

By automating stock and price management, businesses can reduce the time and resources required for manual updates and improve overall operational efficiency.

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