Is your website hacked ?

We can clean and restore your website and make it harder to hack again. Our security experts will recover as much as data possible from whats left and recreate your website quickly before Google and other search engines notices the hacked website and drops your SEO rankings.

hacked website recovery fix in sri lanka

How can your website get hacked ?

Securing a website 100% is not always possible due to various reasons. A website can be hacked using flaws in the website itself  ( website vulnerabilities) or the web server or underlying operating system flaws.

Human factor is also a major reason for websites to get hacked. Intentional damaging of the website ( sabotage) is another reason for your website to get hacked, defaced or destroyed.

How can we help you to recover your hacked website ?

Our web security experts can help you identify the cause of the hack. Then they will clean the website of any viruses and malicious codes and restore your website.

Next step is to strengthen the website security and make it hard to hack again. Our experts will advice you with best website security practices to minimize human faults that lead to easy hacking of websites like weak passwords.

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Talk to us today to secure your website or to recover and fix your hacked website.

Prevention is always easier that cure. So should you have a website which you need to protect talk to us today. Use the form below to inform us of your requirement. Your information is safe with us.

If your website is already hacked or destroyed, still we can help you rebuild it and secure it from further intrusions.  Let us know your details using the form below, we will keep your details secured and do the maximum we can to help you.

Main threats to websites usually come from

  1. Technical Vulnerabilities of  the websites
    1. Outdated CMS Software ( WordPress/ Plugins/ Themes)
    2. Outdated Server environment ( Linux/Apache/Mysql/php etc)
    3. Poorly developed websites
    4. Hosting Server failures
      1. General failures
      2. Natural disasters
  2. User errors
    1. User mistakes
    2. Negligence
    3. Sabotage 
  3. Malicious users
    1. Hackers
    2. Spammers
    3. Ransomware
    4. Bots and other viruses
trusted website security experts in sri lanka

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trusted website security experts in sri lanka

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