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Freight and Logistics Companies

Designing a stunning and high performance website for your freight or transport business is extremely important since many of your customers and stakeholders will be relying on the information you provide.

On a freight / logistics company website, we can display a lot of information that can be helpful for your customers.


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A list of contents of a Freight / Logistics website

  • About your business, vision, mission, leadership and your story.
  • Your contact details  – hotlines , fax , phones and emails
  • Your freight / logistics accreditions and certifications – to build trust
  • Your partners and their details
  • Instructions to prepare goods for safe transportation
  • Your past projects  – photos and video gallery
  • You team photos and office photos to familiarize the customers to your business
  • Dangerous goods classifications and other data sheets which are important for shipping
  • Air cargo container sizes
  • Sea cargo container sizes
  • Rules and regulations
  • News and Media – this is important to keep your customers notified of new laws and regulations, offers and potential risks
  • Warehousing facilities and handling equipment
  • Countries that your operations are available and how to reach your agents
  • Glossary of shipping terms

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