All you want to know about expenses involved in getting a web site designed by a professional web designing company in sri lanka.

Typically there are 3 types of costs when it comes to operating and website

  1. One time costs
  2. Recurring costs ( yearly / monthly )
  3. Usage-based costs

Some of the One-Time Website Costs 

  1. Web designing cost ( designing of the home page, banners, slides, and inner pages in a graphical format)

  2. web development cost ( converting the graphical design into HTML / CSS web pages. This can be a creation of a template for CMS systems like WordPress or Joomla.
  3. Logo design cost

  4. Stock photography and stock video footage costs
    You may have to purchase stock photos and videos from stock photo/video websites like

  5. Product photography and videography cost
    You may have to hire a professional to take high-quality photos and videos of your business, products, and people.

  6. Content writing , editing , translation and proof reading service costs
    This is the single most important aspect of the whole web design process. Getting perfect content can be an expensive yet rewarding task. 

Recurring Website Costs:

  1. Domain name registration cost ( yearly )
  2. Dedicated IP cost ( yearly )
  3. Web Hosting cost ( yearly / Monthly)
  4. e-Mail cost  ( yearly / Monthly per account)
  5. SSL Certificates
  6. Virus and Malware scanner subscriptions

Some of the usage-based costs

  1. Cloud hosting and cloud storage costs
  2. Email newsletter service costs ( mailchimp/mailgun)
  3. API costs ( payment gateways  / map services / shipping services)
  4. CDN cost ( amazon, oracle, azure)
  5. Some email services