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NCE Sri LankaNCE Sri Lanka
05:45 02 Jul 24
Our website was infected by malicious software, and Mobiz International Pvt Ltd came to our rescue swiftly and effectively. Their expertise in cleaning our site was exceptional, and we highly recommend their services."
iresha liyanagamageiresha liyanagamage
07:28 01 Jul 24
Excellent reliable service highly recommend Mobiz International Team. They provide best after sales.service. Wish them success future.
Amila provided an amazing service for us when we needed help with building our website.They are highly recommended.I will not hesitate to use them again in the future.Reliable , efficient & great work
Dinil WickramaratneDinil Wickramaratne
06:48 25 Oct 22
We, Net Lanka Engineering Services (Pvt) Ltd recommend that Mobiz International (PVT) Ltd is the best company for everyone to get professional IT services.Mobiz developed our website in 2010 and managed the product, meeting our new requirements currently and providing the best support services over 12 years.The Mibiz also manage our e-mail service presently and had done few software developments of mobile applications in the past. we are getting the excellent support & services from Amila & his team and hoping to continue our relationship, approaching the future business opportunities..we wish all the very best for his future success...
Roshan HettiarachchiRoshan Hettiarachchi
03:19 11 Oct 22
We are having excellent digital service from this company.
Anura SaparamaduAnura Saparamadu
02:09 10 Oct 22
Mobiz built our website and ecommerce platform. Everything was done very well, on time and in a professional manner. Amila and the team were very helpful with whatever changes that needed to be done and we are extremely happy with their work and service. In fact, we will be using them for all our future work as well. Highly recommended company.
Yohan PereraYohan Perera
09:38 26 Oct 19
We hired Mobiz International to develop a Plugin to link our WordPress driven website to an Online Payment Gateway. During our day to day interactions with the Mobiz Team during this project, we realized that the Developers at Mobiz International are very skilled, knowledged and experienced in what they do.They developed us such a secure and reliable plugin we decided to hire them for our next project also. I would like to take this opportunity to wish them all the best in everything they do.
Joost ThusJoost Thus
04:23 23 Oct 19
Amila is a great and very creative guy. He is technically very capable and able to fix complicated things. Communicating with him is very comfortable. He thinks 2 steps ahead, what really helps with creating a proper preparation plan. We have been doing several projects for clients from The Netherlands with him and are happy to continue our cooperation in the future.

Whats in our quotation?

Our comprehensive web design quotation should cover every aspect of the project in detail to avoid any misunderstandings or miscommunications between the designer or agency and the client. This includes not only design aspects, but also technical specifications like the web hosting platform, content management system (CMS), and programming languages used.

Furthermore, a detailed quotation should also provide a clear breakdown of costs, including the initial development fees, recurring costs like web hosting and domain registration, and any additional expenses such as premium plugins or integrations. This information can help clients make informed decisions about their investment and avoid any surprises down the line.

Additionally, the quotation should outline the project timeline and any milestones or deadlines to ensure that both parties are on the same page regarding project expectations and delivery.

Overall, a comprehensive web design quotation should provide a complete picture of the project, including design, technical, financial, and logistical details, to help clients make informed decisions and ensure a smooth and successful web development process.


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Our Web Design Process

Strategize: The first step involves a strategic approach to understand the client’s business goals, target audience, and website requirements. The team analyzes the client’s business, competitors, and industry trends to develop a comprehensive strategy for the website.

Research: The team conducts extensive research to gather all the necessary information needed for the project, such as user personas, user journeys, and website functionality requirements.


Design: The design team creates wireframes and visual designs that align with the client’s vision and brand. This stage is all about creating a visual representation of the website.


Client Approval: Once the designs are finalized, the team presents the final design concepts to the client for approval.


Develop: After the client approves the design, the development team takes over to bring the design to life. They code the website and ensure it’s optimized for speed, performance, and SEO.


Present: The team presents the developed website to the client for review.

Revise: Based on the client’s feedback, the team revises the website to ensure that it meets the client’s needs and expectations.


Optimize: The team optimizes the website for speed, performance, and SEO.


Launch: After thorough testing and quality assurance, the website is launched and made live for the public to view.


Maintain: The team continues to provide ongoing maintenance and support to ensure that the website remains up-to-date and functional for the client’s business needs. This includes regular updates, bug fixes, and security maintenance.


mobiz web design process

From the experience we gathered over the years, we have developed a proven processes to tackle different type of web design projects. Generally every project follows 7 main steps. Things which happens inside each step may vary from one project type to another. 

Our Expertise