Property Websites must have an extremely easy user experience &  navigation menu

Navigation & Menu

Property websites are used by users with  different levels of computer literacy. Some advanced users may find property websites with advanced property search and filtering, sorting widgets easier and productive for them. But the users who are not much familiar with websites and IT, might find it too technical.  That’s why it is important for a property sales website to have a very intuitive navigation links ( menu ) which can be used by anyone.  Having a back button to go back to the previous screen is also important.


Pleasant property listings and options to change style

Meticulously designed property details page

Clear photos of the property & Promote professional photography

An easy and powerful search box

Floor plans, land block plans and interactive features

Logically structured navigation

Show easy to find contact details while making it hard for spammers

Google or other map based location and directions support

Social media integration

Start typing and press Enter to search