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Our web design process ensures that we understand your requirements completely and implement the best possible solution within the budget and time frame.

We pride ourselves on being able to clearly explain the process of website design in simple terms and without confusing you with technical jargon.

We can walk you through the technical aspects of your project and about the possible solutions with ease and handle everything including your logo design, web design and development, hosting, email SEO, social media, and digital marketing.

Big or small, we deliver superior solutions to every project we handle. We encourage our customers to use tools like GT Metrix to test their websites regularly. We guarantee our websites perform over 90% on GTMetrix PageSpeed(R) index ensuring Google search engine loves your website.

How We Do IT!
(Our Process)

depicts a web design process in sri lanka

Company / Corporate Website Designing

This is a website specifically designed to represent an SME or a large corporate.  These websites serve as an information hub for both internal and external parties of a company. Also, there may be many functions like HRM systems, CRMs attached to corporate websites to automate many otherwise tedious manual tasks.

When designing corporate websites, special attention is given to retain the corporate identity of the business on the website consistently. A carefully designed website can project the business’s culture and values to a visitor in a memorable way.

We can help any company to professionally plan, design, and develop its website to build a lasting friendly corporate image online.

Small and Medium-Sized (SME) Business Websites

SMEs ( small and mid-sized enterprises) may use their websites as a critical component of the marketing strategy.  A well built and SEO friendly website will attract more customers. Also, a fine-looking website will help to attract good employees as well which is super important for the growth of any organization.

Small and medium-sized businesses may need professional assistance in maintaining and updating their website quickly as their business moves faster every day. We have website maintenance service packages that take care of the website work seamlessly working with the management and staff.  This allows SMEs save money on recruiting a dedicated webmaster just to look after their website.

If you own or manage an SME, please talk to us to learn how we can help you to build a better and cost-effective website while maximizing your business’s online revenue potential.

eCommerce Shopping cart website designing

eCommerce refers to any business done online which involves financial transactions. in Simple terms, any buying or selling activity done online is called eCommerce.  An e-commerce website is specifically designed for the above purpose.

Businesses can utilize their eCommerce websites to sell products to a wider audience than in a traditional store model. Also, various digital marketing methods and available to aggressively market your products at a comparatively lower cost than traditional methods. Being realtime, digital marketing efforts can be monitored and fine-tuned dynamically for better ROI.

We can help a business to identify their true eCommerce potential and design and develop a fantastic eCommerce website.

Product catalog websites and B2B portals

Product catalog websites are much like eCommerce websites, but they only display products for visitors and does not allow online purchasing. The purpose of such a website is to act as an online brochure where customers can view the details of the product and probably make inquiries about it.

This type of website are commonly used for businesses with brick and mortar showrooms, and people prefer to see and try the actual product before making a purchase decision. A good example for one of these websites is www.damro.lk

Additionally, these websites can be used to implement customer care features such as online user manuals for products sold.

Personal / Biography Websites designing

Generally, when you want to feature a person as a brand, you create a personal website. The signature characteristic of a personal website is the website title, which is the name of the person of the site is about.

Architecture / Engineering / Photography Websites

Political Website

Entertainment / Music / Video Websites and Portals

Creative websites /  design studio websites

Real estate, Classified and Automobile website designing

Non-Government Organization website ( NGO) designs

Fund Raising & Charity Organization Websites

School and University Websites / Educational Website Designing

Beauty Culture & Salon Websites Designing

Logistics, Freight and Transport Service Websites

News and Gossip Website Designing

Government Website Designing

Blog and Vlog Websites

News and Gossip Website Designing





Failing to plan is planning to fail! , we believe in proper planning and documentation can prevent a lot of mishaps which can occur during a web design project.  here is a brief outline of our web design process.


    Most important part of the project. Involves lot of communication back and forth to determine and agree on deliverables.


    This is where what was planned takes shape in to real designs , wire frames and documents.


    Programming of the website, here designs will be converted in to actual webpages with html and css. CMS systems will be integrated at this phase.


    Final tuneup and transferring to live server will happen here with many other required tasks.


    Here , the website will be handed over to the client with optional support and maintenance program will kickoff .

web designed in sri lanka for new zealand client
wordpress web design sri lanka portfolio paris
web design sri lanka using joomla development company
magento based website designed and developed by us in Sri Lanka
Web Design Sri Lanka A designer planing responsive strategy for a website.
Web Design Sri Lanka A designer planing responsive strategy for a website.

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Common Types of Websites We Design

  • Company / Corporate Websites
  • eCommerce Shopping cart websites
  • Product catalog websites and B2B portals
  • Personal Biography  Websites
  • Architecture / Engineering Websites
  • Entertainment Websites and Portals
  • Creative websites for design agencies
  • Real estate, Classified and Auction websites
  • Deal, coupon websites
  • Non-Government Organization websites  ( NGO)
  • Fund Raising, Charity Websites
  • School and University Websites / Portals
  • Any other special purpose websites

CMS / Shopping Cart Systems

Payment Gateways

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