Unleashing Ecommerce Success: The Power of Quality Product Photography

Unleashing Ecommerce Success: The Power of Quality Product Photography

In the competitive world of ecommerce, where visual appeal plays a pivotal role in driving sales, quality product photography stands out as a game-changer. Mobiz International takes the lead in revolutionizing the product photography market with its in-house resources and cutting-edge equipment, offering businesses a compelling solution to elevate their online presence and drive sales.

Why Quality Product Photography Matters:

  1. First Impressions Matter: In the digital realm, first impressions are everything. High-quality product images capture attention instantly, creating a positive and lasting impression on potential customers.

  2. Building Trust and Credibility: Consumers trust what they can see. Clear, professional product photos build trust by providing a realistic view of the product, reducing uncertainty and increasing the likelihood of a purchase.

  3. Enhancing the User Experience: Quality visuals enhance the overall user experience on an ecommerce website. Well-lit, sharp, and aesthetically pleasing images guide customers through the online shopping journey, encouraging them to explore and make informed decisions.

  4. Social Media Visibility: In the age of social media, visually appealing content is more likely to be shared. High-quality product images become valuable assets for social media marketing, extending the reach of your products and brand.

Mobiz International’s Approach:

  1. In-House Expertise: Mobiz International takes pride in its team of skilled photographers, stylists, and post-production experts. By keeping the entire process in-house, they ensure a seamless workflow and maintain strict quality control.

  2. Cutting-Edge Equipment: Staying at the forefront of technology, Mobiz International invests in cutting-edge photography equipment. From high-resolution cameras to advanced lighting setups, their tools are chosen to deliver exceptional results.

  3. Tailored Solutions: Recognizing that every product is unique, Mobiz International provides customized photography solutions. Whether it’s clothing, electronics, or lifestyle products, their team adapts their approach to showcase each product in the best possible light.

In the ever-evolving world of ecommerce, investing in quality product photography is not just an option—it’s a necessity. Mobiz International’s commitment to excellence, in-house expertise, and cutting-edge equipment position them as a leading player in the market, helping businesses unlock their full online potential through visually stunning product images. Elevate your ecommerce game with Mobiz International and watch your products shine like never before.

Latest Magento 2 Project : BuyFresh.lk is Live

BuyFresh.lk  – Magento powered Ecommerce Website Launched

BuyFresh brings organic & semi-organic produce from the central highlands of Sri Lanka via there brand-new ecommerce website www.buyfresh.lk

Designed and developed by Mobiz Int, Buyfresh.lk features many advanced ecommerce features powered with Magento software platform.

BuyFresh.lk offers many payment options and shipping methods to their customers . They currently offer their services to the greater Colombo area and suburbs with plans to expand to more territories.

Be sure to check out and order some great tasting fresh vegetables and seafood from BuyFresh.lk

How to set a static front page for my WordPress blog / website?

Step 1 – Create or select a WordPress Page

First step is to create the new page. if you want to select an existing page, thats fine too.

To create a new page, goto WordPress admin area -> Pages -> Add New.

Once you have created and saved the new page, you are ready to set it as the websites front page.

Go to Settings -> Reading.

Step 2 – Set the selected page as the WordPress Home page

Go to Settings -> Reading.

Once there, tick “A static page (select below)” in the “Front page displays” section.
Then from the “Front page” drop-down menu choose the static page you wish to make as home page and click Save Changes.

Now browse your home page and verify everything is in order.
(You might want to clear WordPress cache if you are using any cache plugins to see the change. )

Redirect from HTTPS to HTTP – Force HTTP

There are some  scenarios when you want to redirect a website address to be opened through HTTP instead of HTTPS.
To do that,  you can add the following htaccess directives  in your website’s .htaccess file:


What is the Difference Between Vision and Mission Statements of a Business

The vision statement focuses on the future and what the organization wants to become. The mission statement focuses on the present and what the organization does. While organizations generally use mission and vision statements conversely, it’s essential to have both of them. Just one doesn’t work without the other, because having a purpose and meaning are crucial for any business to succeed.

The Mission Statement 

Your mission statement drives the company. It is what you do at the core of the business, and it defines the objectives and finally, it also defines the means to reach those objectives. It also shapes your company’s culture and gives it a personality.

A mission statement may answer questions like:

  • What do we do?
  • Whom do we serve?
  • How do we serve them?

The vision statement?

Your vision statement provides the company direction. It is the future of the business, which then provides the purpose for the business

The vision statement is your aspirations, what you want to become to be successful.

A vision statement may look like:

  • What are our hopes and dreams?
    What problem are we solving for the greater good ?
    Who and what are we aspiring to change?