How to check the Laravel version using CLI / command prompt and files on Windows or Linux

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There are two ways to find the version of your Laravel application . You can either find it by running a command via CLI/ Command Prompt or you can check Laravel version in source files of your Laravel installation.

Using Command

Using command line CLI / Command prompt to find Laravel version

Open the terminal / cmd on your system. Now change directory to the web root directory of the Laravel installation and then run the following command to check the Laravel version.

Checking laravel version using cli command-prompt terminal

On Linux

$php artisan --version

On Winows

c:\xampp\htdocs\laravel_application>php artisan --version

How to check laravel version of a project

Using command line CLI / Command prompt to find Laravel version

You could use either of two methods described above, using terminal/CMD or by inpecting the source files. Please comment if you face any problems following the instructions. We will try to help as fast as we can.

Using Source Files
laravel version check using files
Open below file in your laravel system using your favourit text editor.


Find laravel version using source files

History of Laravel Releases

VersionReleaseBug Fixes UntilSecurity Fixes Until
V1June 2011
V2September 2011
v3February 2012
v4May 2013
5.0Feb 4th, 2015Aug 4th, 2015Feb 4th, 2016
5.1 (LTS)Jun 9th, 2015Jun 9th, 2017Jun 9th, 2018
5.2Dec 21st, 2015Jun 21st, 2016Dec 21st, 2016
5.3Aug 23rd, 2016Feb 23rd, 2017Aug 23rd, 2017
5.4Jan 24th, 2017Jul 24th, 2017Jan 24th, 2018
5.5 (LTS)Aug 30th, 2017Aug 30th, 2019Aug 30th, 2020
5.6Feb 7th, 2018Aug 7th, 2018Feb 7th, 2019
5.7Sep 4, 2018Feb 4th, 2019Sep 4th, 2019
5.8Feb 26th, 2019Aug 26th, 2019Feb 26th, 2020
6.0 (LTS)Sept 3rd, 2019Sept 3rd, 2021Sept 3rd, 2022
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